The ABCs of Account-Based Outbound Calling



Daniel Episcope

Sales Engineer

As your marketing team shifts towards account-based models, how can you ensure your sales reps easily keep up with ABM campaign follow-up and outreach to increase conversations, build key relationships, and push opportunities forward? Or if you are trying to shift towards account-based selling to target larger companies and buying groups, how can you ensure your reps tailor conversations as much as possible without getting bogged down with calls.

In this on-demand webinar, we share the ABCs of account-based outbound calling, and what it means for your sales development team.

Learn how to align your sales development efforts with marketing’s in order to:

  • Create a scalable framework for account-based outreach
  • Use marketing-generated data in CRM to drive insightful conversations with your target contacts
  • Execute account-based playbooks while tracking conversational data to personalize account engagement.
  • Leverage the right account and contact information while making or on a call within the same screen.

Take your outbound calling to the next level!

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On-Demand Webinar
The ABC's of Account Based Calling

The ABCs of Account-Based Outbound Calling