Dispositions Workbook:

The building blocks of revenue intelligence

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Every sales call has an outcome—although your sales reports may not reflect that. Let’s face it, your CRM is only as valuable as the information it contains. So, how do you get your team to consistently capture every interaction and then accurately report on the outcomes? Meet dispositions. A simple but effective strategy to standardize call outcomes based on the purpose and origination of the customer interaction.

In partnership with ExecVision, we’ve designed this  Dispositions Workbook to help you leverage call recordings and call outcomes to help you understand your sales process and coach reps. The worksheets in this book are yours to use as a guide while building out a disposition structure to standardize call outcomes, tie them to specific conversation types, and determine the best next steps.

In this workbook you’ll learn:

  • What dispositions are and how they benefit the entire organization.
  • The process behind how to build your own automation.
  • Best practices for automating the sales cycle.
  • Templates for the most commonly used dispositions and post-call automation.
  • A roadmap to successful sales automation tailored to your teams’ needs.
dispositions workbook
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“Although more than 30 percent of sales-related activities can be automated, only one in four companies have automated at least one sales process.”

– McKinsey & Company

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