Sales Acceleration has officially made its mark as one of the newest categories to hit the cloud.  Nestled comfortably between marketing automation and CRM, the space continues to gain momentum as fresh companies join the fold.

The premise is simple: sales acceleration is technology that propels the velocity of any sales process. Under this shiny new standard, a number of applications have found a home:

  • Sales Communication: DialSource
  • Sales Proposal: Apttus
  • Gamification: LevelEleven, Hoopla
  • Sales Email: MailChimp, Yesware
  • Social Intelligence: LinkedIn, Radian6, Twitter
  • Business Intelligence: Domo, Birst
  • Sales Compensation: Xactly
  • Live Chat: Boldchat
  • Data Analytics: Infer,
  • Remote Sales Presentations: Citrix GoTo Meetings, Cisco WebEx
  • Contract Technology: EchoSign, DocuSign

The point is to make the jump from potential lead to closed deal as fast as possible. Between Point A and Point B, the key is saving time and enhancing productivity.

It’s condensing 8 hours of outbound dialing activity into 1. It’s previewing a LinkedIn profile to find relevant conversation-starters before calling a lead.  It’s sending out media-rich emails through MailChimp. It’s quickening the contract process through digital signatures. And it’s remotely presenting your product halfway across the world without ever leaving the comfort of your desk. Each application is an inspired take on shortening the once-serpentine path to a closed deal.

Welcome to the new world of Sales Acceleration. Is your company ready?