Sales Call Excuses & How to Combat Them

How to combat sales call excuses

Salespeople know that getting past the first point of contact can be one of the toughest parts of the job. People come up with excuses left and right as to why they don’t need your product or why they don’t want to listen to your proposal before you’ve even started. A good salesperson should know how to get around these excuses. They begin the conversation to intrigue their prospects attention right away, before the conversation turns downhill. The first few lines to you say when making a call can make or break your conversation. How do you combat that?

Before we get to the excuses let’s do some basic housekeeping first.

First Impressions are everything.

In an ideal world, the leads we call love listening to us ramble about how great our product is. Unfortunately this isn’t a perfect world with perfect scenarios so your first impression is everything. Consider your tone and voice when introducing yourself. It’s impossible to portray positive body language like you would physically and so how you convey your voice holds greater weight for the person on the other side. Talking to an unenthusiastic or unsure person only makes the client less willing to listen to you.

This isn’t a lecture.

Don’t be that boring monotone professor you had back in the day. You probably dozed off somewhere during his 50 minute lecture as he rambled on and on. This is a phone call and what do people do on the phone? Have conversations. Engage your client by asking them specific questions that can warm them up to your proposition. Be interactive and engaging to maintain a positive direction in the conversation. Use this time to really develop a relationship with your prospect.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at the top four excuses or lines people like to pull out during a sales call.

“I don’t need it”

This is probably that most commonly used line customers use to combat salespeople. What your defense? What’s your strategy from here when your prospect tell you that they don’t need whatever you’re selling? Make them believe that they need it. Target common problems that their organizations face and offer a solution. Ask questions about their process and create value in your solution. You have done your research, so show me what you’ve learned about them.

“We don’t have the budget for it”

There’s no such thing. If your lead really thought that there was a need for your product, they will make room in the budget for it. If they value it, they will miraculously make room on the budget for it. You should always be selling value over price. This excuse is a quick way to get rid of you because you can’t sell something to somebody who can’t afford it. Why is your product worth it? 

“I’m already using [insert competitor]’s product”

A well seasoned salesperson should be knowledgeable about competitor products and the positives and negative about each product variation. Building a strong list can help when this situation arises. Provide pain points that the prospect may have with their current product and offer a solution that your company provides. Highlight strong features you possess over your competitors that your prospect may find useful in their organization.

“Is there anything you can send me?”

This can be a hidden dagger. Your prospect can really be interested in your product or completely disinterested and wants to get rid of you. After all, it’s much easier to ignore you through email than it is in person or through phone. This is a sign to engage in more interaction rather than just selling. Find a point where you can garner more interest through questions. Try and figure out specific needs that you can satisfy.

These are fairly common excuses heard by many people in the field. Learn your way around them and you’ll close more deals faster than before. Remember, at the end of the day, some people just really aren’t interested so don’t take it personally. There are also signs for when you should stop pursuing a lead. Do you have any tips or excuses to share?  


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