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Secure by design.

The wealth of information that CRMs can store has empowered organizations, but also made them prime targets for cyber attacks. With Denali, your data is secure by design. Unlike other third-party applications, Denali’s architecture is built directly into your CRM. This native design allows Denali to operate with minimal access to your data, keeping it private and secure in your CRM, while limiting your vulnerability to an outside attack.

In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding sensitive customer information has become a primary concern for enterprise organizations. Failure to do so can be immensely costly—one estimate places the cost of a single data breach on a business to be over $7 million. In the U.S. alone, more than 80% of companies indicate their systems have been successfully hacked in attempt to steal, change or make data public.

With the threat of a cyber attack higher than ever before, Denali was designed at its core to safeguard your sensitive customer data.

Data Security

Keep Your Data Where It Belongs

Unlike other third-party applications, Denali doesn’t transfer any of your customer data out of your CRM. Its native architecture allows Denali to run reports and other tasks using your CRM’s built-in functions and without transferring your data to an external server or cloud.  Less exposure to the outside world, means less risk of your data being breached.

Minimal Access, Maximum Privacy

Because Denali never transfers data out of your CRM, DialSource does not have access to any of your sensitive customer information. Not only does that keep your data private, it also means that if DialSource were to fall victim to a cyber attack, internal or external, your data would remain safe.  

More than 80% of U.S companies have been hacked

– Duke University/CFO Magazine Global Business outlook Survey

cyber security

Your Data, Your Rules

Your CRM allows you to control access to data at many different levels across your organization. Since Denali lives within your CRM, it automatically conforms to the access, security and sharing permissions you’ve already configured. With other apps, however, these rules and settings may not be applied, and as a result, make your data vulnerable.

Security September 23, 2017
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