Native to Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics.
As a native application, we understand your ecosystem and our teams are equipped to support your special needs. Our application is flexible enough to shape to your process, secure for even the most sensitive customer data and reliable across both automation and CTI capabilities.
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Never leave CRM.

CRM will always be the lynchpin for your customer data. With DialSource, teams can connect with customers, see real-time customer activity, create and execute cadences, receive inbound calls, and take action on customers from right within their CRM.

Work from a single pane of glass.

Why move your team outside of the one system that is central to the customer journey. Eliminate the cost of switching by enabling your reps to work from inside CRM.

Create a unified system.

For sales and service teams that spend the majority of their time on the phone, voice + CTI solutions are vital to success. With our modern day reliance on CRM, it is important to move your organization away from fractured tools and shift your resources toward applications that enhance your core technologies.

Leverage an entire ecosystem.

As a native application, we work with all custom objects and fields and have the capability to trigger any applications that integrate with your CRM.

As a solution provider for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, we work and integrate with an almost infinite number of applications. Not only will we support your current systems but we are also positioned to grow with you, supporting emerging technologies and solutions.

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