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Focus on what matters. Let automation do the rest.

The average sales rep currently spends 64% of their time completing non-sales related tasks, but high-performing sales teams reduce this inefficiency by leveraging the power of Denali’s limitless automation.

Limitless Automation with Denali

Our Automation Suite Includes:

Post-Call Automation

Complete post-call tasks across your CRM and connected apps, such as field updates, emails and lead conversions, with the press of a button.

DS Connect

Go beyond click-to-call with DS Connect. Denali enables three strategic calling modes to streamline the outbound sales process.


Turn your data into action. Campaigns feed reps the best lead to call based on actionable intelligence derived directly from your CRM.

Auto Voicemail Drop

Give your agents the ability to drop in pre-recorded messages and move onto the next call without ever having to wait for the beep.

Get more done with fewer tasks

Give agents the ability to complete post-call tasks, such as field updates, voicemail drops and lead conversions, with the press of a button. Compress repetitive tasks into a single click, providing your agents with a better experience and enabling them to spend more time on what matters.

Turn your data into action. Campaigns create lists of leads to call based on predetermined conditions derived from your CRM reports. Multiple agents can work on a campaign at the same time and leads are automatically assigned to the owners of those records.

Denali’s three calling and campaign modes streamline the outbound sales process for agents. With Click-to-call any contact within your CRM becomes available with the click of a button. Preview Manual uses campaigns to develop a calling list and automatically feeds the agent the next record on their list prior to outreach. Preview Auto helps maintain a calling cadence for agents by giving managers the ability to program a specific amount of time between calls.

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Denali Also Includes:

Sales Artificial Intelligence
Sales Experience
Sales Training
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“We at the Kings have really been impressed with the full capabilities that Dialsource offers. It has provided us with an efficiency 5 to 10 fold”

Automation August 31, 2017
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“We’ve seen our reps make 160% more calls per hour while using Denali.”
– Justin Foote, CRM & Analytics Manager

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