Sales Leaders

Increase revenue and enable your team to have better conversations

DialSource Denali CTI for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a dialer that also helps sales teams track call activity, automate workflows, and link conversations to outcomes. Conversations create opportunities — let us help you have more of them.

Sales Operations

Eliminate complex integrations and increase efficiency

Enable your reps to have more success on the phone, eliminate busy work from their day and give them a CTI solution that works seamlessly within their CRM and current sales process.

Account Executives

Automate the busywork and get back to what you do best

Talk to more prospects, delight your customers, and close more deals. Empower your account executives to focus on conversations & building relationships rather than updating CRM.

Sales Development Representatives

Book more meetings in less time.

Enable your sales development reps to have more conversations, develop experience faster, and learn what works to capture the attention of their prospects.