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Technology to Drive a More
Efficient Sales Process

  • Take the guesswork out of who, why and, when to call with Dynamic Campaigns.
  • Use Auto-Voicemail drop to regain hours back in your day.
  • Increase speed-to-lead from hours to seconds and capture your prospect’s attention.
  • Streamline prospecting workflows with a simple click of a button.
  • Automatically comply with your company’s do not call lists.
  • Integrate your call metrics into dashboards and coach reps based on call recordings.

Increase your engagement with accounts, and have more conversations.

Dynamic Call Campaigns

Take the guesswork out of your agents’ day. Prescribe who, why, and when to call across any number of campaigns. Assign specific campaigns to each agent group and dial using a local presence with our Regional ID feature. Integrate with sales cadence tools like Salesforce High-Velocity Sales.


Click on any phone number inside of CRM and immediately place a call. Use our Dial pad to place a call to any number, even if it doesn’t exist in the CRM. Accidentally use the dial pad to call a CRM contact? DialSource will find that lead or contact and let you link the call to the right place.

Dynamic Lead Distribution

Improve your speed to lead time from hours to seconds. Notify reps in real-time when inbound leads arrive, calling them within moments. Drive leads from marketing automation software, web forms, your CRM, or any other tool. Screen pops put the lead information at your fingertips as you call.

Screen Pop

Surface all of the records associated with an incoming phone number. Put the critical customer or prospect information in front of your agent during every call.

Get All Your Calls

Ensure that every call is received, whether you are on another call or away from your desk. Forward inbound calls to your cellphone when you are out of the office, transfer calls to another agent group, or manage high volume call centers with call waiting.

Limitless Integrations

Integrate your automation with any 3rd party application that connects into your CRM. Automate the sending of emails, advance cadences, enroll leads into nurture campaigns, or trigger the sending of a quote. The possibilities are limitless.

The fact that I can start calls faster without having to manually dial, or send out a pre-recorded voicemail to clients makes me more efficient in my role.

Marquise C.

Account Manager

Sacramento Kings

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