Ready to Take the Leap? How and When to Fast Track Your B2B Sales Career

Depending on the person, it doesn’t take long to start getting hungry for advancement in a sales rep role. You spend all day on the front lines of selling the product and seeing deals close. Before long you wish you were more involved in the big picture.

Perhaps you want to be involved in more significant deals or are focused on improving your salary. You could desire to manage your own sales team or to work closely with the product and grow the company.

There’s nothing wrong with taking your time and keeping a secure position, but if you’re already looking for something more then you have options, and if you want to increase the growth of your B2B sales career rapidly you’ll need to take some extra risks.

At DialSource, we are passionate about supporting sales reps as they grow and develop. So, we’ve laid out three different career moves that might help you to improve your sales career and reach peak performance.

Make a shift to reach the role of Sales Manager

If you’re at an established company, especially one that has already reached IPO, then you might have much more experience with running a successful sales team than you might identify on your own. Some of the best knowledge comes from the first-hand experience you receive early on in your career.

At over three years of experience, you now have the expertise to take a chance and move to a new company to become a sales manager. Find a different company that’s looking to replicate the success of your current workplace, and they will be happy to have you as a resource.

Before you make a move, you’ll want to make sure you’ve prepared for the new tasks that come with management. It’s no longer enough to exceed your quota; you’ll have to coach and lead others to success. It will take a whole new set of skills and abilities so make sure to stay humble and hustle hard.

Consider identifying a mentor and familiarizing yourself with management theory before making the change. Remember that you are risking your current position to make a move to management, but if you’ve prepared, you can successfully move up a lot faster than you would if you waited to advance at your current position.

Stretch to become a Sales Director

Bigger companies will want to hire a sales director that already has years of experience managing a high-performance B2B sales team. If you’ve only been a sales rep, you’ll be increasing your level of risk to stretch for a director role. To find the right fit, go to a smaller company that is just starting to grow their sales team and is willing to the extra risk of hiring someone with a bit less experience—it could end up paying off for both of you.

If you are going to make this jump, you will need to get comfortable with the idea of “stretching” your role. A person who is “stretching” to fill a role is anyone who is coming into a company earlier in their professional journey and growing with the company. You may not be prepared to jump into a full sales director role, but you may be able to direct a smaller team and grow into the role as both you and the company find success.

Reach for the top as a Sales Leader & become an MVP

What if you don’t have the experience, can’t find an opportunity, or don’t want to move into a management role right away? The path is not always clear when you are not climbing up the management ladder. However, there is still room to grow if you want to fast-track your sales career.

Consider diving into a start-up that’s right at the beginning. Maybe they are just beginning to hire their first sales rep or first account executive. Just remember you are taking the biggest gamble compared to the other paths, but you will also have the opportunity to own a sales role at that company and cement your position as an MVP if you succeed.

Knock sales out of the park for them, and you could quickly grow with the company into any sales role you’d like to have. You’ll have extra work to do, and success won’t be guaranteed, but if you’re currently feeling bored or complacent then making a move might be highly rewarding for you.

If you want your B2B sales career to move fast in today’s business world, you’ll have to decide what level of risk you’re willing to take on to achieve your goals.  Depending on the person, it doesn’t take long to start getting hungry for advancement, and it is up to you to decide where you go on your sales journey.