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Why DS

We engineer solutions for high-performance teams.

We are an engineering firm at our core. We build technology solutions that unlock intelligence, boost efficiency and humanize the customer experience. We are problem-solvers, focused on building technology that improves communication.

Telephony is at the core of the customer experience.

phone breakdown

With over 90% of customer interactions happening over the phone, it is evident that the core of customer experience is tied to telephony. As a team of engineers, we have custom-built our telephony stack with that in mind. Our architecture is designed to allow for flexibility and growth. Controlling our own telecom infrastructure, Dialsource has full control over inbound and outbound call routing and real-time call quality monitoring.

Let’s start with sales.

Just as telephony is at the core of customer experience, sales are at the core of business success. We chose to start within the sales acceleration space to help organizations solve the complex problems surrounding automation, intelligence, experience and training. From here, the possibilities of DS technology are limitless.

We believe in engineering better business communications.

Businesses are relying more than ever on technology to give their team a competitive advantage. We partner with businesses to help them reach peak performance through optimizing the way they use big-data, cloud and automation systems.

DialSource Denali Clients

Take back your time

Hours per day 3

Hours per week 15

hours per year 780

32 Days

of lost time per year

Improve your flexibility & boost efficiency.

As a high-performance sales team, you know how to sell. That is why we construct our technology to support your process and to be flexible to the individual needs of your business. Our team of process experts can advise on solutions and partner with businesses to make efficiency enjoyable for the whole team.

Secure by design.

The wealth of information that CRMs can store has empowered organizations, but also made them prime targets for cyber attacks. With Denali, your data is secure by design. Unlike other third-party applications, Denali’s architecture is built directly into your CRM. This native design allows Denali to operate with minimal access to your data, keeping it private and secure in your CRM, while limiting your vulnerability to an outside attack.

More than 80% of U.S companies have been hacked

– Duke University/CFO Magazine Global Business outlook Survey

cyber security
Why DS August 31, 2017
Reach Peak Performance with Denali

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“We’ve seen our reps make 160% more calls per hour while using Denali.”
– Justin Foote, CRM & Analytics Manager

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